What is trading and its basic knowledge

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Hey, welcome here once again, we are here to teach you the basics of trading. First of all this post or article includes all the details of trading,  predictions on trading,  and many more related to trading. We will try our best to let you get all the details of trading so you will not be in the problem to search here and there. We are going to mention a few of the trusted apps to trade in it to make a lot of money. The first in the post we have mentioned that it is a financial risk so you have to trade at your own risk. So let’s start the post without wasting your and our time. 

What is trading? 

In simple we will try to let you understand that. A trader is one who invests his money in the crypto market or assets to predict the price or shares of that company will go up or down in a few hours or in the future. If the price goes high after investing the money then you will earn profit from them. If the price goes down then you can lose your money also. The first point is you should search for that company or market in which you are going to invest and predict the results that the price will go up or down in the future then only we will suggest you invest or trade. See,  it is one of the financial risks invested at your own risk. We are not the responsible person if you will lose your money because we have already warned you. I hope,  you have been understanding the topic of what is trading. Let’s move to the next one. 


Trading details or basics? 

Here,  in this paragraph, we will discuss the basics of trading while in trading which of the option you are going to see, or which of the option you will get. We will talk or discuss step by step the first is the timestamp. In the time section, you can select as per your choice how much time you want to trade. The option is 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 30min, 60min, 2hrs, or 4hrs and many more are there we have mentioned a few ones. If you are going to trade then we will suggest you trade on higher times means  2hrs or 4hrs trade. The reason is in this between the time the price of the market will be in the side of yours. I hope you have understood. 

The second is chart details or market details in the app you will see the option to see the market details a few hours back. You will get three options that are candlesticks, bars, or handlebars. You can try all of the three ones and select which one you like and in which one you are getting to be able to see the market details properly. From our think of view or experience, we will suggest you go through the candlesticks because it will provide you with the proper details a few hours back. Once again we will hope, here that you have been understanding the chat details. 
In last the third one is money investment. Many of you are waiting for this paragraph as we think. So wait is over in many of the apps you will get different options to invest,  deposit or withdraw. The first is the minimum amount to invest is 30 rupees per trade the next one is your choice of how much you can trade. The second is the minimum amount to deposit is 300 to 500 rupees and the again next one as per your choice how much you can deposit. The third is the minimum amount to withdraw is 1000 rupees and the next one is of your choice. 


In last,  we are very much thankful to our readers or viewers to invest their time here. We hope,  that we have been successful in clearing your problems or doubts here. If not we request you to comment on us or write us it is full of free. And we’re trying to get your feedback from your side of the blog or the post so please you can. See,  in last once again we want to say that it is a financial risk invest or trade as you want.

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