what do you mean by blogging

What do you mean by blogging? Blogging worth money in 2020?

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Hello everyone, This is Pritam Khurana CEO and founder of this website. As we all know that there are many people in the world who are struggling to earn money. When it comes to India then it is more. There are many people who know to use the internet for their searching purchase. But have you ever thought that you can make money on the internet? You might be thinking that I am joking! No my dear many of you are doing this and making money. So what are you waiting for you? Now I am going to explain to you What do you mean by blogging?

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Blogging what is this?

There are many things that come in my mind while we are talking about What do you mean by blogging? So I will start from the definition of blogging. In a simple way, blogging is the way of writing an article and showing it online with the help of the website or the blog and publishing it on the google is termed as the blogging. Do you remember? Earlier people used to write their works or hobbies into the diaries. In the same manner, nowadays people create a blog. They used to write their experiences and their opinion for their audiences. Now, who is the audience? All internet users are termed as the audience. When you will search for something on the google then you will get results in the form of a website. You just open and read it out, Now you are termed as the audience.

Beginner dont know how to get started?

You are completely new in this field. You don’t have any idea how to get started? Don’t worry I am here to explain to you everything from the beginning. At first, you will have to learn the basics of blogging. As we know that there are many updates that come on google. So there are several changes in blogging 2020.

The first thing that you will have to do is to know your qualities. Your qualities may be in games, study and many more. You can choose any of them in order to create a blog. In blogging language, it is termed as “niche”. Choosing the best niche for your website is very important. As it should have high traffic volume. Moreover, it has low competition and profitable niche.

Which blogging platform to choose?

which blogging platform to choose
chossing blogging platform

If we will search for the best blogging platform in the google then we will have a different option in front of our screen. But which is suitable for the beginner? Which one has easy interface? So that we don’t feel any problem in getting started.

As there are many platforms through which you can get started. But on the basis of my personal experience, I will advise you to use Blogger. It is one of the best platforms for blogging. Here you will get a simple and powerful interface. It’s very easy to use. At first, you will have to sign up with the Gmail and then you will have to choose the domain name for your bog. Here you will get a subdomain free of cost. But later on, you can upgrade with the custom domain name for your website.

How to write blogs?

You have already known about the blogger and you have also created an account on the blogger. Now you are facing problem in writing blogs. you don’t have any type of idea of writing blogs? Don’t worry I am here to help you. Earlier I have mentioned that you will have to decide the niche for your blog. Now under your niche find out the topic on which you have to write the blog.

Now start your article from the introduction of the topic and then move on to the advantage and disadvantage of the topic. Now write how it is useful for others. At last, you will have to give a summary of the article. This is the right way of composing an article.

How to get visitors to your blog

how to get visitors to your blog
How to get visitor

I think this is the most difficult task. As there are many bloggers who leave blogging because they didn’t get visitors to their blog. You will not start getting visitors from the same day. You will have to work continuously for some time then you will start getting visitors on your blog.

Moreover, You can also work on the search engine optimization to rank your blog at the top of the searches. In this way, you can get organic visitors to your blog. There is one more methods of getting visitor is sharing your blog posts on the different social media.

Blogging worth money in 2020

can we make money with blogging? I think this is the main part of this article. As money is important for any kind of work. If you will do hard work then you will need to know whether it will give you a profit or not? Blogging worth money in 2020? On the basis of personal experience Blogging is the simplest way of making money online. It works while you are sleeping. There are many benefits to making a blog. You won’t have to work all the times. You just have to give some on the regular basis. You can choose the working time on your own. You will be your own boss. These are some of the benefits of blogging.

Blogging worth money in 2020
blogging make money

Many peoples used to tell that blogging is going to vanished in some year. But my dear blogging will remain until the internet will remain. We the people are uploading information on the internet.

Make money with blog

When your blog will start getting visitors then you can connect with the different advertising networks in order to make money with your blog. Don’t wait to start your blog work on it and start making revenue from your blog.


Here you will get every useful information regarding, what do you mean by blogging? Everything you need to know about the blog. Started from the making of the blog to the earning money from your blog. Blogging worth money in 2020? Also mentioned the answer to this question. Hope it was interesting. If so do subscribe to our blog.

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