Top free fire players in the world

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Today on this topic we are going to know about the top free fire players in the world. Many players play extremely well and are very much talented with their skill.
now we will discuss the top 5 free fire in the world according to their rank.
the first one is:-

1.)TSG jash:-


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Whenever this game comes to our mind we think about TSG cash, no one is like him he is a very talented player with perfect skills. He also owns a team name call “two-sided gamer”. He also reaches grandmaster in every season and finishes in heroic tier. His YouTube channel has 7.48m followers, he always does streams with his friend “TSG ritik”.
” TSG” Often ranks top 3 in free fire held by Garena in India and Asia. Fans considered jash the best purifier in the world.

2.)sultan proslo:-

He is an Indonesian free fire player and popular among the south Asia Community. He is also the best free-fire player in the world right now. He does streams all day and a very professional player he is. He has a YouTube channel named “dyland PROS” based on his real name, with a subscriber count of 14.4M.
He has done 129k kills till now with a good KD ratio of 5.6, and his winning rate is 40%.

3.) Raistar:-

Raister is an Indian free-fire player. He came in 2019 at the start of the year and has a great impact on people, they know him as the fastest free fire player. he is good in both mid-range became of his good level gameplay. He holds the highest percentage of 60% headshot in a ranked game, which is very high in terms of a professional player, and has 4.46M subscriberonin YouTube. He has 49k kills with a 4.07KD ratio and played over 14,884 games till now.

4.) Sudip Sarkar:-

Sudip Sarkar is a very good free-fire player in the world. He was ranked top 22 in the competitive gameplay. He is a risk player and believes in taking risks other then playing aggressively.
Being a professional player, he also do live stream with several 1.2 million. He plays with three characters DJ ALOK, CHRONO,SKYLER. Till now he has played 27,536 games with a total 103K kills, with a KD ratio of 5.44 and his winning rate is 30.63%.

5.) Sk sabir:-

SK SABIR is another very good player from India, He belongs to the BOSS group and is great in long formats. He had the top rank in Free Fire when he scored a whopping 11703 rank points in Season 10. His target is winning the game rather than killing his enemies.

6.)Amit Sharma(desi gamer):-

Amit Sharma or Amit Bhai has a YouTube channel with more than 10 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular Indian gamers. The name of his YouTube channel is Desi Gamers.
When it comes to his Free Fire, AmitBhai participated in 8279 Squad matches and killed 21556 enemies, and his win rate to 27.27% and KD ratio to 3.58. In Solo or Duo matches, he has a KD ratio of 2.48 and 3.19.

I hope This information will be helpful to you, soon I will be back with the next topic and read carefully how much information is available on this topic.

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