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Top best article ideas for blogging in 2021

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Hello everyone, This is Pritam Khurana CEO and founder of this website. Welcomes back in this blog. Today we are going to talk about Top best article ideas for blogging in 2020. As I have mentioned earlier that blogging has become the simplest way of making money from the internet. The first step that comes in starting up is choosing out the best topic for your blog. Ideas are necessary for any types of work. Here you also need the best article ideas to get started. That’s why I am here to give you some of the best ideas of blogging to create your blog and also show it your audience ina easy manner.


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Way of writing best articles

Before going to the article topic I would like to teach you the way of writing the best articles. This is very important for search engine optimization and for your website health also.

While writing the content the first thing that you will have to do is to analyze the topic of your content. You will have to be practical with your topic. Then only you can share your personal experience and views with your audience. You will have to start from the introduction of the topic, go through the advantage and disadvantage of the topic. Moreover, at last, you will have to mention a small summary that will include short headlines in your article.

How to article ideas

how to article ideas
how to article

How to article ideas, is one of the vast topics in the blogging industry. Its name is small but it can store all types of articles. As all the works that we do are come into how to article ideas.

  • How to agriculture– Agriculture is one of the biggest sectors. Moreover, it has a large readers audience. So you can start creating articles on agriculture. It may include the process of ploughing ground, the process of throwing seeds, right way of irrigations and many more. You can also mention the modern methods of farming. So that all the farmers can do all these in a better manner and their production may be high.
  • How to repair electronics– I think in our homes there are all the things are of electronics. Many of them stop working due to some faults that we can also fix. But we take it to the electricians and he charges fees for it. So you can create a blog where you should publish the articles related to the How to repair electronics at home.

News article ideas

As there are many sites present through which you can read News. But have you ever thought? What about the local news. News related to your village, your neighbours. So you can create a blog related to the news of a particular village. So that the audience of that particular region has sufficient news of their region. This can be the best news article ideas.

You can input any type of news in your blog. You will have to make categories so that your readers may not fell problem in reading your news article.



Opinion article ideas

opinion article ideas
opinion article ideas

As we all know that opinions are very important in any sector of life. Whether it is related to the career, your life, buying something and many more. In every sector of life, you need an opinion.

  • Career opinion article– As we all know that there are many students in the world. Many students fail in their life only because of the right mentor or the right opinion at the right time. You can create a mentor in the form of blog and start guiding the students by writing career opinion article.


  • Sports opinion article– If we will see in India then a cricket dreamer boy is from each and every family of India. But not all the boy become a cricketer or the sportsman. They also failed only because of the right opinion as a mentor. You can start your own blog and write sports opinion articles. Students will read your blog and choose the right way of playing.

Sports article ideas

sports article ideas
sports article ideas

There are many sports lover in the world. Sports all the games. I am not talking about any particular game. Under the sports section, there are many topics that come under it. Discipline, way of playing the game, How to play individual games, types of games, rules of playing a game. You can choose all the topics as sports article idea

Now look at some of the sub topics that comes under.


Discipline– How to be discipline while playing the game. You can write articles on this idea.

  • Rules of the game- As we all know that there are many games and you can’t remember the rules of every game. So you can write an article on this sports article ideas.
  • Stay fit for playing– How you can stay fit for playing games. You can also write an article on sports ideas.

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In this article, I have mentioned about the best blogging ideas to write the best articles for your blog. several topics have been mentioned. You can choose any of them to create your blog. You can choose the article of your choice also. It’s upon you and your knowledge. I hope that you might like the article if so do subscribe to our blog and never miss any update.

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