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How to start a blog with the blogger in November 2020

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Hello, everyone, this is Pritam Khurana founder and CEO of this website. Today I am going to tell you how to start a blog with the blogger in a few steps. As we all know that the craze of online is growing day by day. So blogging is also growing in the same manner as the online digital craze is going on. So I am back with another blog, In this blog, I am going to talk about the whole procedure of making a blog with blogger. The most important part about the blogger is absolutely free. You don’t need to invest anything to get started except your time and your hard work. I will start from “what is a blogger” and then we will move to the different blogger templates to design your blog. Then I will share with you some of the niches for blogging such as food blogger. At last, I will share my personal experience, How to become a blogger? So let’s start the article.

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What is a blogger?

what is blogger
What is blogger

Blogger, When you listen to this word then there are lots of things start coming in your mind. It’s just like blogging! blogging! and blogging! Yes, you are right it is that platform from where you can start your own blog. Basically, in simple words, it is one of the best blogging platforms through which you can start blogging easily without any problem. There are many bloggers across the world using this platform in order to start their blogging career. If you are a beginner in this field then this is the best platform to get started. But you might be thinking why this is the best platform to get started with blogging? So for this just look at some of the important features of blogger.

Important features of this blogging platform-

  • The most important feature is easy to use panel.
  • Your blog data is safe as it is organised by Google.
  • Free SSL certificate no additional required.
  • You can use different themes to make your blog look good.
  • It’s easy to optimize SEO in this blogging platform.
  • Easily post your article having different attracting images.
  • You can add additional pages to your blog easily.
  • You can edit your layout of the blog under the layout option.
  • Check analytics of your blog easily without any additional features.
  • You can manage the comment of your audience under the comment section.

How to start a blog with blogger

The first thing that you will have to do is to create an account with the blogger. Login to the blogger dashboard and then you will have to create an account with the Gmail. While creating an account on the blogger you will have to choose a subdomain on which you will have to work. Later on, you can change it to the custom domain name. Now choose the temporary theme to get started. Here starting procedure is over Now we will move on to the content of your blog……

You might be thinking that I have created a blog, What to do now? How to create the best content for your blog? So for this, you will have to choose the best niche for blogging. The niche in which people are interested. Such as health, food blogger, bike blogger and many more. If you are able to choose the best blogging niche then you can provide the best content for your audience. After choosing the niche starting writing unique and useful content in at least 1000 for words so that it may be indexed easily into the search engine.

How to become a blogger

how to become a blogger
how to become a blogger

Nowadays the trend of blogging is growing. Everyone is making a blog. That’s the reason behind the growing competition of the blog. But the most important thing about blogging is that there are billions of internet users in this world. So you don’t have to worry about the competition just work hard and you will blog will rank easily and you will get traffic also.

How to become a blogger? Mostly asked question on the internet. So here I am with the solution of this question. For becoming a blogger, simply you need two things. The first thing is your laptop and another thing is the niche on which you are going to write posts. Now you will have to create an account on blogger and then you will have to choose the doamain name of your blog. Now choose the best blogger templates to make it more attractive. Making your blog attractive is not important but the quality of content matters. Now you will have to write daily articles for your blog. You will have to be regular on your blog so that visitors will come on your site. Use some of the attractive images in the article related to your topic in order to make it more attractive. It will give the best audience reading experience.

Food blogger the best option to start blogging?

food blogger
food blogger

As I have mentioned earlier that you need the best niche on which you can work and start providing the best content for your audience. On the basis of my personal experience, I can say that a food blogger can be the best option for the beginners to get started. As the food is a common thing among all and we all have knowledge about this. Start writing content on different types of food and you will get success easily. There is one more good thing about this is that the audience overview of food is also good. If you will write content related to this then there are more chances that you will get good traffic to your blog. You can use the social share to grow your blog.

Summary (How to start a blog)

In this article, I have mentioned about the whole procedure of, how to start a blog with the blogger in a few steps. I have tried my level best to give you a brief idea to start a blog easily on blogger. I hope that you might like the article. If so do subscribe to my blog.

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