How to make money travel blogging a guide to get started

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Hey everybody, This is Pritam Khurana and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to talk about How to make money travel blogging. Nowadays blogging has become the simplest way of making money online. There are many topics or we can say that niches are present on which you can work to write blogs and make money. But have you ever thought that you can make a travel blog? Yes, Travelling is a passion for many people. You might have seen many vlogs that usually people upload on youtube are based on travel. That one is another thing. Here I am going to talk about the travel blog. So what are we waiting for just let’s get started?

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How to become a travel blogger

Before moving to How to make money travel blogging. At first, we will have to learn How to become a travel blogger? Blogger, I think you are well aware of this word. Bloggers are those who usually create a blog on different topics. In the same manner, a type of blogger who used to write posts related to travel is known as a travel blogger. The first thing that you will have to do is to start travelling in different beautiful places and then you have to share your experience in the form of a blog. In this way, you can become a travel blogger.

Get paid to travel blog

Get paid to travel blog
make money

We are talking about How to make money travel blogging. Now we will look at the methods through which you can get paid to travel blog. At first, you will have to start your travel and then share your own experience in the form of a blog. When people will start liking your blog. You will start getting many visitors to your blogs. Here you can think of making money from your travel blog. There are several ways through which you can do this. I am going to mention some of the genuine ways of making money from your travel blog.

Do you have an answer to this question? How to make money travelling? As we all know that we invest our money on travelling. But here you are making money by travelling. Isn’t it interesting? As we all know that there are many places in this world to visit. Start visiting places and share your personal experience with your audience. So that they can enjoy by just reading about this place.

How to make money travelling?



Travelling a passion of many people. They are passionate about travelling around the world. But I am here to explain to you how you can make money through travelling?

#1 Create blog

Create your blog and share your experience related to that place. There are many people who are interested in reading instead of going to the place. You can do this. If you will start getting visitors to your website then you can place different ads on your website and hence make money from the different advertising network.

#2 Sell your captured photos

sell your captured photos
sell photos

There are many places to visit across the world. The main thing about them is that they are having natural beauty and people are really interested in watching them. So you can click the best shoot of the environment. If your image will be good and liked by the people then you can sell them with the use of different image selling platforms. How to make money travel blogging includes these steps. Your image should be unique and should be related to a particular place. You can click your own photos as well as you can also capture the monuments that are present in that place.

#3 Start promoting

You have created your own travel blog and hence you have much visitors on your blog. If your visitors will like the place then they will visit there. So you can promote hotels, restaurants, dhabas and many more in order to make money. If your blog visitors will visit on that particular place then they will prefer these hotels and restaurants. You can make money from the hotels in order to promote them on their blog. In this way, you can also make money by travelling.


Here I have mentioned a short guide of How to make money travel blogging. Here everything is mentioned from the beginning to the end. Hope you have liked the article. If so do subscribe to my blog.

Pritam khurana

Pritam Khurana, A 12th student from Bihar, the place of IAS generators. I am blogger, Youtuber, Content writer and a professional digital marketer. I used to create the best content for you.

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