How to find a lost phone in 2021

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Missing or thief of phones became common things nowadays. The most important thing is to secure the data on your phone. As we know that data is the most important things of the phone it belongs to the real-life as well as personal life. There are lots of hacker around the web. They can use your data against you in order to fulfil their demands against you. So it is our responsibilities to secure our data. We take care of our phones from the outer side but have thought of securing your phone entirely.

So today I am back with the new article where you will be able to know how to secure your phone. I will be sharing some of the methods which you will follow then you can secure your phone.

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How to find a lost phone?

At first, I want to make you aware of the data manipulation. You might have some of the private images or videos on your phone. Now suppose what will happen when these photos and the videos will in the hand of someone other. They will start blackmailing you with the help of that private data. So it is our responsibility to secure our data.

The first step which you have to do is login in your phone with a Gmail account and always remember the Gmail as well as the password that you have used to login to your phone. This is the main things that you will have to do. Another step which you will have to follow is to keep your GPS on. So that you can trace your phone easily.

Now suppose that your phone is lost. Now, what to do or to erase the personal data of your phone. You will have to take another phone and go to the browser and then search for “where is my phone?”. Now click on the first website you see at the top. Now you will have to sign up using the same email you have entered into your phone. Now from here, you can easily trace your phone and The most attractive features of this website are that you can erase your personal data from your phone.

I will suggest you that you should store your data on the google drive so that it may be recovered at the time of your phone lost. This is all about thee lost phone. if you liked the idea then share it among your friends so that they can also secure the data.

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