How to earn money online with google in 2021?


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In this article, I am going to talk about the ways to earn money with google. As we know that everyone needs money for their daily needs. So money is the most important thing at that time. So we will have to earn money to survive. There are two methods to earn money. The first one is the online procedure with the help of google and the second one is offline that we all know it very well. So without wasting time lets move towards the methods to earn money.

how to earn money online in India without investment

Unseen ways to earn money with Google.

For many people its a dream to earn money online. If they started earning online then it’s just like the dreams comes true. So without wasting time just look at the points to earn money online.

  1. Own blogging website– It is very simple to earn money online. Simply you will have to start your own blog and start posting content on the blog. There are lots of things that you will have to take care of while you are trying to start your blog. Now after making the blog. You will have to connect your site with the Google Adsense. I have already mentioned that I will teach you the ways to earn money online with google. Simply you can earn money by placing the AdSense ads in your blog.
  2. Sell Online courses- If you have knowledge about any then you can teach online people through your online courses. There are lots of things that you will have to do such as you will have to prepare your online courses, prepare videos and assignments too. Then you can say that your course is ready. Now you can use the advertisements to sell your courses online such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads.
  3. Book sells– If you have some knowledge of writing then you can write your own book and start selling it on the google. This is the best ways to earn money with google. You can try this if you have writing skills After the completion of your writing you can sell that book with google by using the Google ads. You will have to invest some money in order to earn money. If you wanna invest more then you can publish your book and start selling through Amazon.
  4. Sell your ebooks – If you have some knowledge and skills you can share it in the form of an ebook. You can charge a small amount on the ebook and start selling it with the help of the website. In this way, you can generate revenue from the website traffic. Always remember that you will have to charge less on the ebook at an affordable price so that the people will buy it easily. You will have to write some catchy content so that people will buy it.

These are some of the methods “how to earn money online with google“.

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