Highest paying adsense alternatives in 2021?

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Hello everyone this is Pritam and welcome back to the blog. Today I am going to talk about the highest paying AdSense alternatives in 2021. As we all know that there are so many people who have been struggling to get the approval of AdSense on their blog website. Moreover, some of them get frustrated and they leave blogging and working on their sites. So today I am going to talk about some of the best ways through which you can make money without Adsense with your website.

As we all know that it’s not so easy to approve any site with AdSense. You will have to meet every condition of the site then only you will get the approval of the AdSense. What if you are receiving some of the traffic on the site but you haven’t the approval of the AdSense? Don’t worry I am here to give you some of the highest paying AdSense alternatives in 2021.

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Highest paying AdSense alternatives in 2021

Adsense is one of the best ad networks for all the publishers around the world. It is being trusted by millions of publishers as well as advertisers. So everyone uses this ad network in order to make money with their blog or website. But what if you have made a website and you are receiving a good amount of traffic on the website? Does it mean it is wasted? You cant make money with the website?

No, it’s absolutely wrong. You can monetize your traffic with some of the highest-paying Adsense alternatives. You might be shocked after listening to this. Yes, it’s true you can make money with the AdSense alternative. 

#1 Propellerads

It is one of the best ad networks after Adsense. The most important part of this network is that you can monetize your website without any approval. You just have ad the code to the website and it will start monetizing your website in the meantime. Now you might be thinking that how to get started? It’s quite simple, you will have to create your account first and then you will have to add your site to your account with the help of the ad code. Now, all done! Choose the type of ad you want to display on your site and then you can monetize it with the help of the propellerads. You can take your payout with the help of Paypal. Its minimum withdrawal is only 5$.

#2 Media.net

Wait if you are receiving one traffic from the other country then you can use this ad network and I can bet you are going to receive better payments than AdSense. Yes, the main reason behind this is that the advertisers are from other countries. That’s why if you are receiving traffic from other countries that will be helpful in making more money than AdSense. It’s quite simple. Okay, now how you can create your account with this? Simply you will have to go to the website and create your account with the help of Gmail. It usually takes less than a day to verify your website. If your website will be under the terms and the condition of the media.net then they will approve your website and you can make more money without Adsense.


In this article, I have mentioned the highest paying AdSense alternatives in 2021. If you haven’t get approved by Adsense and you want to make money? Then you can use these networks to make money with your website. I hope that you might like the article highest paying AdSense alternatives in 2021. If so then do share it with your friends and families.



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