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Sujan Mistri, also called Gyan Sujan, is an Indian Free Fire maker and decoration, regularly called perhaps the most-watched YouTube decorations. The gamer as of late crossed a huge achievement of 9,000,000 supporters.

Aiding Gamer is another conspicuous maker from India known for his Free Fire guides, particularly occasions. He flaunts a gigantic endorser check, which as of now remains at 5.69 million.


This article analyzes the details of the two parts in Free Fire.

Gyan Sujan has contended in 17676 crew games and has won 6391 of them, approximating a success proportion of 36.15%. In these matches, he has amassed 61094 slaughters, supporting a K/D proportion of 5.41.

He has won 493 of 2128 team games, changing over to a success pace of 23.16%. He has 5778 frags at a K/D proportion of 3.53.

He has played 1372 performance coordinates and has bettered his enemies in 159, bringing about a success level of about 11.58%. The substance maker has scored 2310 executes with a K/D proportion of 1.90.

Gyan Gaming has played 274 crew games in the flow positioned season and has a success count of 92 matches, guaranteeing a success pace of 33.57%. He has amassed 1378 frags at a K/D proportion of 7.57.

Aside from this, he has 29 ahead of everyone else completes in the 75 team matches, keeping a success level of 38.66%. With 377 executes, he has a K/D proportion of 8.20.

Gyan Sujan has likewise played 82 performance games and has gathered a solitary frag.

Aiding Gamer has highlighted in 6727 crew games and has 1123 Booyahs, relating to a success pace of 16.69%. He has 15207 murders, maintaining a K/D proportion of 2.71.

In the interim, he has played 2855 team coordinates and has beaten the competition on 186 events, comparing to a success proportion of 6.51%. All the while, he has piled up 5440 frags for a K/D proportion of 2.04.

Ultimately, Helping Gamer has partaken in 2719 performance games and has defeated his adversaries in 168, which boils down to a success level of 6.17%. He has gotten 4652 slaughters, dealing with a K/D proportion of 1.82.

Aiding Gamer has showed up in 121 crew coordinates and has a success count of 16, meaning a success proportion of 13.22%. With a K/D proportion of 2.99, he has 314 frags.

The YouTuber has 16 couple games to his name and has definitely 40 executes, dealing with a K/D proportion of 2.50.

Aiding Gamer has played one performance match as well.



Both YouTubers have huge details in Garena Free Fire. Gyan Sujan is ahead on the two fronts, i.e., K/D proportion and win rate in each of the three – solo, couple, and crew matches in lifetime details.

Aiding Gamer has just played a solitary performance match. Thus, contrasting their details is beyond the realm of imagination. Going to the couple and crew games, Gyan Gaming has the advantage.

Note: The details in this article were recorded at the hour of composing. They are liable to change as the YouTubers keep on playing more games in Garena Free Fire.

Top 5 Free Fire characters that ought to be kept away from for Factory Challenge

Manufacturing plant Challenges is one of the custom difficulties that has been made by the Free Fire YouTubers where every one of the players parachute on Factory – a mainstream area on the Bermuda map.

Clients take part in fistfights instead of utilizing any guns. There are different variations wherein some of the time the development speed is improved, or the players have gloo dividers.

Characters like Kla and Joeseph are ostensibly the most unmistakable choices among the players, kindness of their exceptional capacities – Muay Thai and Nutty Movement, separately. Notwithstanding, there are capacities of specific characters that aren’t exactly successful.


This article records five characters that the players ought to try not to use in the Factory Challenge.

Note: Every character in Free Fire has some utilization. This article depends on the essayist’s inclination and records characters that are insufficient in contrast with others in the Factory Challenge.

Free Fire characters to be kept away from for the Factory Challenge#1 Misha

Portrayal: Misha is an incredibly gifted racer

Capacity: Afterbuner (Passive)

The character’s capacity speeds up by 2% and decreases the harm taken while in the vehicle by 5%. This is additionally polished to 12% and 30%, separately. This capacity is of no utilization in industrial facility challenges on the grounds that there is no driving included, delivering it pointless.


#2 Notora

Depiction: Notora is a rough and tumble cruiser gangster.

Capacity: Racer’s Blessing (Passive)

Racer’s Blessing reestablishes HP 5 HP each 4.5 seconds of the relative multitude of vehicle’s colleagues while driving. This recuperation increments to 5 HP like clockwork. It very well may be really useful in an ordinary fight royale match, yet going to the industrial facility challenge, like Misha, is somewhat insufficient.


#3 Nikita

Portrayal: Nikita fills in as an expert protector.

Capacity: Firearms Expert (Passive)

Nikita reloads Submachine weapons (SMG) by 4%. This has expanded to 24% at capacity level 6, very critical in the nearby quarter battles. The capacity is of no utilization in production line difficulties as there is no association of the weapons.

#4 Paloma

Portrayal: Paloma is the supreme arms sovereign of the hidden world.

Capacity: Arms-managing (Passive)


At the point when players prepare this character, 30 AR ammunition won’t occupy room in the stock. Then, this has expanded to 180 AR ammo at the most elevated level, empowering clients to convey different things in fight royale mode. Notwithstanding, this capacity is generally pale in the plant challenge.

Open the game and snap the Guilds symbol (situated on the screen’s privilege side).Select the ‘Make Guild’ alternative (situated on the base right corner of the screen).Set any name for their decision for the Guild.Make the important installments. Either 5000 Gold or 1000 Diamonds to make a Guild.Go to the Member List and pick the Invite alternative (situated on the screen’s bottom).After that, click on the Guild made and tapped the ‘Society Invite’ choice to welcome companions.


#5 Rafael

Depiction: Rafael is a destructive executioner.

Capacity: Dead Silent (Active)

This capacity, when enacted, conceals the discharges on the guide for eight seconds with a cooldown of 90 seconds. With the increment in the level, the cooldown is diminished to not exactly half at 40 seconds.

This can help players sneak up and snare their adversaries. Notwithstanding, on a processing plant challenge, when every one of the players are in similar territory and utilizing clench hands, it has neither rhyme nor reason.

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