Free Fire new OB27 update highlights: New firearm, character level-up technique, and the sky is the limit from there





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Free Fire OB27 update highlights: New firearm, character level-up technique, and the sky is the limit from there

The declaration of the impending Free Fire OB27 update has gotten the attention of a few fans and players across the world. The impending patch is booked to go live on April 14, 2021, and is set to acquire various highlights, improving the general client experience.Garena has prodded different highlights through web-based media posts and has additionally delivered “What’s UP Free Fire Season 2 Episode 2,” uncovering a portion of the key changes.


This article takes a gander at a portion of the significant highlights delivered in the OB27 update.

Free Fire OB27 highlights

#1 – Change in character UI and leveling framework

The character UI will be totally redesignd in the impending patch. It will be made more available for the clients, empowering them to have an outline of the characters and change them without any problem. Moreover, players can switch between ranges of abilities or capacities from the loadout area by means of the lobby.One central change that will be executed in the OB27 update is the revamp of the character level up framework as it would turn out to be free, and players would just require memory pieces to do likewise.


#2 – New weapon: Kord

Another weapon called “Kord” would likewise be advancing in the fight royale title with the forthcoming Free Fire OB27 update. The gun was already accessible in the Advance Server, which finished up a couple of days ago.The novel part of the firearm is that clients acquire additional force and discharging when utilized in inclined or hunker positions. Notwithstanding, the specific details are yet to be uncovered.

#3 – Awakened capacity combined and capacity adjusting


The ordinary and stirred characters’ capacity will be converged into one and will just involve a solitary opening, which will additionally expand the characters’ effectiveness.Apart from this, particular capacities will be modified to give the players a decent encounter. Two of the uncovered changes incorporate Wukong and Rafael. The cooldown of the previous character will reset with each murder. In the mean time, the capacity of Rafael has gotten a huge improvement.


#4 – Changes in the Clash Squad store

Further upgrades are being made to the Clash Squad store by the engineers of Free Fire. After the update, players will actually want to browse an assortment of weapons that are accessible. Additionally, in this mode, clients will actually want to drop and get a weapon and its connections in one go.

#5 – Bermuda Remastered

The exceptionally expected Bermuda Remastered will be for all time accessible for players after the forthcoming update. Likewise, Kalahari will be discretionary to download.

#6 – New character and recovery system


Garena has likewise prodded another character with an outline and inferences. Be that as it may, no insights concerning it have been uncovered at this point. Gameapn Additionally, the restoration component will be accessible for the clients to use on every one of the guides.

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