Free Fire Day 3 overall standings Tri-series 2021





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Day 3 of the Free Fire Tri-Series highlighting groups from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh reached a conclusion today. Gathering C and Group A went head to head today in a sum of six counterparts for spots in the finals. Toward the day’s end, Team Elite kept up their place as the table clinchers with 199 focuses and 95 kills. Following it in runner up was Sixth Sense with 120 focuses and 51 executes. The third spot went to House of Blood with 119 focuses and 67 murders.

The present matches denoted the finishing of Week 1 of the gathering stages. Week 2 is planned to be held from April sixteenth to eighteenth, after which 12 groups will meet all requirements for the finals that will be played on April 25th.

Free Fire Tri arrangement 2021 by and large standings after day 3


The third day of the competition commenced with the primary match being played in Bermuda. The Booyah in the match was asserted by the Revengers with 10 murders to its name. Following it in runner up was Team Hotshot without an execute. Uproar took third spot in this match with three kills.The second and third matches of the day, played on Maps Purgatory and Kalahari, were won by TM Swag and Riot, adding seven and six kills to their particular counts.

The fourth and fifth matches of the day were held in Bermuda and Purgatory. The Booyah in these games were asserted by Riot and TM Swag with seven and four kills to their name.Nemesis won the 6th and last round of the day and the week with seven kills. The runner up in this match was guaranteed by Team Chaos with 12 murders, trailed by Riot with eight frags.

In the general murder leaderboards, Pahadi, Killer, and Iconic from Team Elite kept up their best three spots with 39, 23, and 21 slaughters to their names.Danny from House of Blood was on the fourth spot in the execute pioneers table with 18 slaughters and 9,915 harm, while Mehedi from Execute Ex completed fifth with 17 executes and 5,796 harm.


With multi week of activity left in the Group Stages, the battle for 12 spots in the finals will get harder. Groups sitting at the lower half of the leaderboards should perform exceptionally to fit the bill for the Free Fire Tri-arrangement finals.

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