Complete Information About OLX

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Complete Information About OLX. OLX provides an accessible platform for general consumers to buy and sell items and services, and organize community activities. The Company’s online platform is reported to attract more than 200 million active users each month.

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Story Of OLX

OLX was co-founded in 2006 by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford. They wanted to create a secure platform for trade featuring no costs for the users. This site has seen major success in the past years especially in India, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

The company has given its own slogan which is very popular ‘sell it’ as they try to woo people into selling the stuff that they do not need through the OLX classifieds site. OLX is so popular that it is used in more than 150 countries in as many as 40 languages.

Marketing policy

Since the initial days, internet penetration was low in India. The company decided to use TV’s massive reach to educate prospective consumers and help in the creation of the market. The company then started 360-degree marketing campaigns to engage with customers in various parts of the country.

Not stopping there, the company has been using social media to remain in regular touch with social media consumers. Since the recent growth of the Internet has been happening through the mobile platform, the company has also been the front-runner with a focus on mobility devices.

How does OLX sell and buy products?

OLX is an active classifieds marketplace where both private and professional sellers list, sell, and ship products every day. To ease the shipping processes of OLX sellers, Eurosender offers instant already negotiated quotes, specialized support. And a variety of shipping services to match any requirements from OLX sales: all in one single platform.

Where is olx headed?

In the past year, OLX has improved its business traction and metrics steadily but not spectacularly. Despite the headlines touting OLX’s profitability, the company still has a long way to achieve operational profitability in its core subscription and advertising business lines.

The recent announcement that OLX India’s long-time CEO. Amarjit Singh Batra will be moving out of OLX and India to Naspers means that in addition to external market and competitive challenges.

Where has been OLX been up to?

OLX IndiaOLX now claims to have more than 80% of the market share in the C2C classifieds space in India and is engaged in an attritional battle with its direct competitor, Quikr. OLX’s sweet spots are the pre-owned cars and pre-owned bikes categories where it claims to have a 70% share of the market. And make no mistake about it, the market is huge.

The company itself believes that the value of unused goods stored away in Indian homes is Rs. 79,000 crore. As is inevitable, such a large potential market attracts multiple companies angling for a piece of the pie.


Complete Information About OLX. In this content, I have mentioned. e information about OLX descriptions its history and much more information regarding OLX and its servicing. For selling and buying products on OLX you may go through olx.

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