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OMG! Adsense the worlds most famous advertising network. There are lots of reason behind its success. There are many features are being provided by the AdSense. In this article, I am going to talk about the AdSense advertising network. I will also discuss the reason why AdSense is the most trusted ad network. We will also talk about the reason for growing AdSense in India and worldwide. At first, we will start with the advertising network. The advertising network is a type of network where there is the role of two people the first one is the advertisers and the second one is the publisher. Advertisers pay money to advertise and the publisher takes money to place ads on their website. Now I think you are all clear about the advertising network. If you think any problem regarding the advertising network comment down below.

Top best Adsense alternatives in 2021

Now we will come to the AdSense. No doubt AdSense is the widely used advertising network. There are lots of people are investing in AdSense worldwide that’s why it is able to run in the whole world. But there are several demerits of AdSense also. As it doesn’t show ads on every website. It will show ads on the website that are in the terms and condition AdSense. You might be thinking about what are the terms of AdSense to approve a website. In this article, I will not go into the depth regarding the approval. I will talk about AdSense procedures only.

How to get adsense approval?

So now the first step that you will have to do is to make a website that should contain at least 30 posts and have some traffic on it. Now you will have to sign up for the AdSense using your Gmail and then you will have to connect your website with the AdSense using the code that is being provided by the AdSense. There are lots of people do mistake in placing the ads. So you simply have to place the ads in the header section of the website. Now you will have to wait until your site gets approved with the AdSense. Remember there is no algorithm behind the approval. There is a team that manually check your website in order to approve it. After the approval, you will receive a confirmation email. Now you can place the code into the website and start showing ads also. Now you will have to bring some traffic to the website in order to earn from the AdSense. Remember it works on CPC, that is the cost per click. You will be earning money only if you are getting some clicks to your ads.

Now you will have to complete the AdSense profile by entering your name and address. When you will reach 10$ in your account then you will receive a pin from the AdSense team by post on your mentioned address. It will take almost 1 month to reach your address. You will have to submit your identity card also. These are some of the procedure that you will have to follow. Now you will have to complete the payment threshold of 100$ in your account in order to withdraw it. Now if you have completed the minimum payout threshold you can withdraw it through the wire transfer.


This is all about the Adsense advertising network. I hope you might like it. Remember a thing that never clicks on your own ads. If you will do so then your account may get suspend and AdSense will not pay your money also. These are some of the things that you will have to keep in mind while you are using the AdSense advertising network. This is all about the Adsense. Go and start your blogging career now.

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